LIV for the day

I love my work.  It’s a privilege to walk with people who are doing the best they can as they find strengths and tools within themselves to reckon with their stories and own their challenges and triumphs.  There is no more humbling moment for me than hearing “I need help.” It’s brave. It’s a revolution.

I have been working as a therapist, counselor, and case manager for the past 20 years. My approach is strengths-based, solution focused, and client driven. What I have found in my work is that everyone has something they are struggling with.  Everyone has a story.  All of these stories are worth being heard and held.

I believe that our bravery is in telling our stories. Our vulnerability is in really rumbling with our stories so that we have the awareness of patterns and negative beliefs that lead to behaviors that we don’t like. And our courage is in creating a new ending to the story that is grounded in our values.

I’m ready to listen, hear your story, help you rumble with your emotions and thoughts to help understand patterns and challenges, and help you write a new, empowered ending to your story. With a commitment to Love, Intention, and Vulnerability, you will be able to embody your new story, daring to be brave and authentic, value driven and self-compassionate, boundaried and flexible.

Contact me today if you’re ready to share your story and create your own ending.

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